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          My law practice is based in Springfield, Missouri, where I tilt at windmills, relax now and then, and try to bring a balance to the scales of justice, and a larger measure of “justice” to people with problems. I’ve used my web site educating clients since 1998, and my clients may be from anyplace in the world.
          In addition to civil and criminal trials, and a busy estate and business practice, I’ve monitored elections in Bosnia and Kosovo, and enjoy trying to keep up with local, state, and national politics and events, and with my husband, children, and grandchildren.
          Opinions expressed including but not limited to legal concepts, could be tongue in cheek, though I have expended time and effort in working through the ideas expressed. They are not to be considered “legal advice” to be applied to any specific situation or problem. Goals, surrounding circumstances, documents, or absence of documents always make a difference in working through proposed solutions.
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