April 20, 2010
The following essay is based on my answers to questions from listeners to Wayne Glenn’s “Remember When” KTXR radio show.

If Your Solution Doesn’t FEEL Right – Check With a Lawyer!

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     Many calls from people begin with the words “I need to have a lawyer tell me if it is LEGAL for a person to …” and then they go on to describe certain events, or problems they are having.

     Lawyers know whether certain things are legal or not – but they cannot say whether the law is being broken in any fact situation – without asking their OWN questions, and looking into the surrounding circumstances. Almost any situation may have extenuating circumstances making something legal – illegal -- or something that is illegal—legal!.

     For instance: can a neighbor go into your house when you are on vacation, and take your television set to his house? Maybe. Maybe not. Did he have a key? Was he watching your house for you?

     Your elderly mother has a friend who has been helping her by running errands and paying bills. Mom is now in a nursing home, and in the process of helping her close down her home, you’ve discovered that the friend’s name is on all of Mom’s bank accounts and even on the title to her house. Is that legal? Maybe. Maybe not. The relationship makes a difference – and there may be important facts that you don’t know.

     But – if something doesn’t FEEL right – your peace of mind may make it worth a visit to a lawyer’s office.

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