July 30, 2012

Ask Peggy: Should I tattoo DNR on my chest?

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I read in AARP Magazine that seniors are having "DNR" tattooed on their chests. If I do that, do I need to change the content of my standard living will to support that choice?
Patricia Sundstrom

Peggy Says:

If you had "DNR" ("do not resuscitate") tattooed on you anywhere—or even made public statements as to that as your wishes, yes, you should be sure that your "standard living will" (whatever that is) supports your choice. Living Wills are designed to solve disputes and ambiguities that develop when a person reaches a crisis stage in their health, life and death decisions must be made, and they cannot participate in the decision making. "DNR" is as ambiguous as instructions can get.

Everyone's living will should reflect that person's individual circumstances, avoid the conflicts that develop among loved ones who are "absolutely sure" that they know your wishes, and be clear enough to reassure the most timid (and 'gun shy') medical doctor looking for directions from those closest to the patient.

Nice to hear from you, Patricia!

Posted by Peggy S. Hedrick at 10:36am

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After careful consideration of a “DNR” tattoo, I have instead decided on “Mom”.

:) Butch
Posted by Wally Rees on 7/30/2012 at 2:50pm